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Door Access Systems.


Locks and keys also allow you to secure your building, but if keys are stolen this can be inconvenient and expensive.

Electronic access control provides the most efficient way of securing your building and protecting staff and assets.
We provide and install door access control systems ranging from standalone systems for individuals doors with key code and/or proximity fobs or multiple door installations of which can be networked and monitored via a PC if required.

Proximity key code fobs or tokens are provided to allow access through designated doors and if required time profiles and other restrictions can be enabled.

Any door can have access control whether it is in an office, school, factory, residential building, multi-occupancy, home, electric gates, car parks and barriers.

A fully integrated Door Access system would consist of a master controller, door controllers, door releases swipe or proximity card/token readers on multiple doors and "push to exit" buttons.
In addition we adapt your existing fire alarm to release all the doors in the event of a fire activation.
Such a system enables hundreds of users and would be suitable for medium to large sites.
Each controller being networked to the PC.

A full management package allows you to print out various records of usage and add/delete users at the press of a button.

Photo ID and many other options further supplement this comprehensive package:

  • Audio entry systems
  • Video & audio entry systems
  • Coded entry keypads systems
  • Card entry systems.
  • Proximity & card entry systems.

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